Six Fork Crossing Weather station

Weather Monitor II The Six Fork Crossing weather stations consists of equipment from Davis Instruments.  The equipment they offier are for a wide range of application.  Check out their web site if you are interested.  Here is the brains of the weather station - the Weather Monitor II.  It contains the read out along with memory that stores the weather data as it is gathered.  I have set up my site to store data every 10 mintues - with a down load to my computer at 11:00 PM at night.

Wind speed, direction and precipitation measurement is accomplished here.  I have run wires from this site to the house for data collection.

  Temperature and humidity sensing are done at this station.  Again, it is cabled to the house for data collection.

If you have any questions about my weather station, drop me an email to me.

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Last changed:  8/4/2002