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About the Six Fork Crossing weather station:

The idea of setting up a weather station was as a result of hurricane Fran in 1999. During the worse of the storm (oh, about 3:00 AM or so), we were all up waiting to see what would happen. The wind outside was at about 70 mph from the east.  We very were lucky and all we lost was the power - no damage to the house. I happened to take a look at the barometer on the wall at that time by the light of the lantern. Although not calibrated, when the National Weather Service asked for any info anyone had, my wife sent the pressure I had recorded at that time to them. It happened that it was the lowest reading in the area. Although not an official reading, in a recap of the event, the News and Observer did a map and showed Lizard Lick and my pressure reading on a map. My wife felt that this warrented some decent equipment. Thus, the beginnings of the weather station. For Christmas that year, she got me Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II, Weatherlink and the rain guage.

Map of pressure during huricane Fran Sept 1999.

Pictures of my weather station
Current Six Fork Crossing weather
Add my weather station to your PDA (Avantgo required)
Current months sunrise and sunset times for Six Forks Crossing.
Historical weather data by month
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Huricane Fran
Huricane Floyd

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